Finding the Best Possible Financial Expert

Each party will do their utmost to seek the most relevant expert for the case. While academics/generalist consultants have historically been available to provide such expert opinions, the use of ex-practitioners to explain best market practice has become paramount for lawyers and their clients. This is not always an easy search due to constraints such as conflict, availability and relevant period of experience.

The Solum Network

While Solum’s core team has in-depth experience in keys areas of financial markets, we are regularly asked to provide expertise in unusual and/or specific areas, be it copper trading, valuations of grain futures, taxation of dividends, etc.

Our 20+ years of experience in large banking institutions has provided us with a unique ability to reach out to a very wide network of professionals in all areas of financial markets, allowing us to seamlessly add the most experienced and suitable experts to our core expert team.

Importantly, these experts will have typically been vetted through personal relationships. Further, we always interview them to ensure the depth and suitability of their experience, as well as their clarity of argumentation.

Our Support

Often, the most experienced and suitable expert has never acted as an expert witness. It is then critical to provide him/her with the right support.

With Solum’s experience in dispute and litigation services over the last decade, we provide a support team and tools to assist with disclosure analysis, quantitative analysis, report writing and internal self “cross-examination”. This has proven extremely valuable as it ensures that the final reports are as robust as possible.

“What Solum has is individuals who have actually traded or structured the products that are central to these disputes and therefore they are able to give first hand compelling evidence to the court of nuances of these instruments and the way the market treated them.”

Partner, Litigation